About Us

Colorado hunting, for Elk, Mule Deer, Bighorn Sheep, and Mt. Goats.

Quality Colorado hunting. Our Colorado hunting is in some of Colorado’s top hunting units, with low hunting pressure and lots of quality animals.

Great Wilderness Areas

Located in the hart of the Rockies along the Continental Divide, we offer elk hunts in one of Colorado’s top quality unit. If you’re interested in wilderness elk hunts we offer you an experience of a lifetime. You won’t find a better elk hunt for the price. From the regal bull elk to the majestic bighorn ram, our experience has helped our clients achieve their greatest goals. Check out the rest of our web site and see what our clients have learned. There really is quality hunting in Colorado!
Packing in a clients trophy.
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Geneva Park Outfitters

We are a full time outfitter and have been in business since 1986. From wilderness elk and deer hunts to our alpine bighorn and mt. goat hunts, we’re sure you will have the adventure of a lifetime! For more info about our service click onto “About Us” above.

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Our camps fill up fast some please contact us if you interested in one of our hunts.